Identifying God

ISAIAH 46:1-10

     A.    Man has always worshipped:
           1.    Some worshipped in a way that pleased themselves; Genesis 4:5
           2.    Others worshipped according to the Lord’s way; Genesis 4:6
           3.    Some worship is acceptable to God, some is not; Genesis 4:4-5
     B.    Some men worshipped false gods;  Isaiah 46:1
           1.    These gods could not even move themselves; Isaiah 46:1
           2.    They were carried into captivity; Isaiah 46:2
     C.    Our study “Identifying God”

I.    “LISTEN TO ME” (NKJV): Isaiah 46:3
     A.    There is one God; Ephesians 4:6
            1.    God in three persons; I John 5:7
            2.    Jesus told His disciples; Matthew 28:19
     B.    God is our creator; Genesis 1:27
            1.    Isaiah reminded Israel that God gave them life; Isaiah 46:3
            2.    God takes care of His own; Isaiah 46:4
     C.    God requires men to listen to His word in order to be saved; Isaiah 46:9-10
           1.    Jesus stated; John 12:48
           2.    Obeying God is equal to life everlasting; John 12:50

II.    THERE IS ONE LIVING GOD:  Isaiah 46:9
     A.    God asked of Israel; Isaiah 46:5
           1 .    False gods are burdens to bear; Isaiah 46:1
           2.    God told Israel; Isaiah 46:6
           3.    These gods could not benefit man in any way; Isaiah 46:7
     B.    God tells Israel to remember; Isaiah 46:8-10

     A.    There is still one God; I Corinthians 8:6
           1.    His word will still save and protect us; Romans 1:16
           2.    Jesus stated; Hebrews 13:5
     B.    Jesus is God manifested in flesh; John 1:14
     C.    If the modern world is to be saved it will be by His word; John 12:48
     D.    Paul told the brethren at Corinth; I Corinthians 3:4-7

     A.    Do you know God?  I John 2:3
     B.    Let the word of God be your only rule of faith; Ephesians 4:4-6
     C.    Will you obey the gospel which has the power to save you? Romans 1:16