Delivered By
Phillip Rainwater
Delivered On
December 10, 2017
Central Passage
John 13:3-17
PM Sermon


            A.        Jesus is the example for all that we do as God’s family:

                        1.         He taught us how to pray; Matthew 6:5-15 (5-6)

                        2.         He showed us the importance of obedience to God; Matthew 26:39

                        3.         He showed us the patience of suffering; I Peter 2:21

            B.        Jesus gives us a perfect example of “The Servant’s Heart”; John 13

I.          JESUS AS THE SERVANT OF THE LORD:  Isaiah 52:13-15

            A.        A tender plant, despised and rejected of men; Isaiah 53:2-3

            B.        He bore the consequences of the sins of man; Isaiah 53:4-5

            C.        The lamb brought to the slaughter; Isaiah 53:6-7

            D.        His was the sacrifice necessary to please God; Isaiah 53:10-11

II.        HE MADE HIMSELF A SERVANT OF MAN:  Philippians 2:7

            A.         Our text is an example of service to man; John 13:3-17

                        1.         The Passover supper was completed; John 13:1-2

                        2.          Jesus rose, filled a basin with water and washed the disciples feet; John 13:4-5

                        3.         The exchange with Peter; John 13:6-9

            B.         A spiritual message; John 13:10

III.       “DO YOU KNOW?”  John 13:12 (NKJV)

             A.        A lesson in humility; John 13:13-14

                        1.         An example for His followers; John 13:15

                        2.         The servant and the master; John 13:13, 16

            B.        Follow my example of humility (no task is too lowly); John 13:14

            C.        Service brings happiness to God’s people; John 13:17


            A.        Jesus, “The Living Word” made Himself an example as one having “The Servant’s Heart”

            B.        How can we expect to make heaven our home if we refuse to have such a heart?  John 13:14-15

            C.        Have you obeyed the gospel of Christ?


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