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God Answers Prayers #2

JAMES 1:2-8

     A.    God has never failed to answer the prayers of the righteous; John 9:31
           1.    “God Answers Prayers” that are asked in faith; James 1:6
           2.    James wrote; James 4:3
     B.    God answered Hannah’s prayer for a son; I Samuel 1:20
     C.    God answered the prayer of Paul in a negative sense; II Corinthians 12:9
     D.    A look at God’s  answer to the prayers should give us strength of faith
     E.    Our study “God Answers Prayers”
I.    DAVID’S PRAYER FOR HIS SON:  II Samuel 12:14-23
     A.    Nathan the prophet told David his son would die; II Samuel 12:14
           1.    When the child was born he was very ill; II Samuel 12:15
           2.    After seven days the child died; II Samuel 12:18
     B.    David’s reaction to his son’s illness and death:
           1.    David fasted; praying to God while the child was alive; II Samuel 12:16
           2.    He refused food; II Samuel 12:17
           3.    When the child died the servants were afraid to tell him; II Samuel 12:18
           4.    When he knew the child was dead, David worshipped God; 
                 II Samuel 12:19-20
     C.    David explains his actions; II Samuel 12:21-22
     D.    David looked beyond life and death to eternity; II Samuel 12:22
     E.    Embracing David’s reasoning will aid us for both life and eternity

II.    THE GARDEN PRAYER OF JESUS:  Matthew 26:36-46
     A.    The heart and soul of Jesus; Matthew 26:37-38
     B.    The prayer of Jesus; Matthew 26:39
           1.    He was willing to embrace the Father’s will; Matthew 26:42
           2.    Jesus knew He was facing death; Matthew 26:45-46
     C.    James tells us we need to have this same attitude; James 4:15-17

     A.    How do you react when God answers your prayers?  
           1.    When He grants your request, do you thank Him?  Philippians 4:6
           2.    When God says no, will His peace reign in your heart; Philippians 4:7
     B.    James tells us; James 5:16